Plan Your Internet Success – Introduction

OK… I decided to remove the various installments of “Plan to Success” that I had published so far because they were a bit messy and I had to re-write quite a bit of it.

As a result I decided to re-release the part that I had published a couple of months ago under a new title: “Plan Your Internet Success” and will do so once a week until I have all the parts of the manuscript available on PRWEB.

On that note here is the preface and introduction:


Being passionate about the Internet for a good 15 years now, and the revolution that it brought along, I’ve come across a great number of books, reports, e-books, lessons, lectures, seminars, etc. that have all claimed to be the last thing you’ll need to learn about successfully making money online. No matter how good it sounds, when I read the caption on the back of the book or review the Table of Contents or list of seminar topics, inevitably, these books end up in a place where they will be forgotten. And the reasons are simple: they’re too long, too vague, outdated, or simply stupid; and often, all of the above.

I’ve also seen these web sites created by pseudo Internet gurus who claim to deliver instant glories once you purchase their e-book for $9.99. Often, the home page displays this author’s Ferrari or Porsche and an amazing house in the background. And, more recently, they incorporate a YouTube video with this enthusiastic guy explaining how he’s going to tell you all his secrets for… you guessed it… $9.99. Of all the garbage that I’ve seen on the Net (and there’s a lot of it), this is the thing that makes me mad, because this collection of easily attainable information from a simple search on the Net is nothing more than abusing people’s naïveté and hopes, which result in bitter disappointment. By the way it does not stop at $9.99, since the gurus will probably try to up-sell you with all kinds of junk in the form of software that is often available for free).

As a result, I’ve had the desire to write a free “How To” e-book designed to help folks who want to make a few dollars on the Net put together a plan of action for success (or at the very minimum have a chance to succeed). I’ve put this idea on the backburner for quite some time and grinding my teeth each time I come across one of those silly e-books mentioned above. However, these days, with the economy slowing down and people struggling even more to make ends meet, I decided that the time was right.

I looked around at what is available to find the right format and came across something called, “The Marketing Helper.” It’s a huge collection of articles that offer advice on pretty much anything and everything (the ultimate collection of Internet marketing information). Incidentally, the publishers also try to up-sell you on additional services by sending you offers and getting some payout when someone clicks on the ads or take some kind of action. However, this collection of articles is unbelievably long (all combined it probably would fill a 500+ page e-book), and this is exactly what I was trying to avoid. Reviewing it, I also realized that it would be good to offer something that is organized in stages, starting from the idea of an online business to and development, all the way to profitability. As such, a sequential version of how to become successful on the Net, starting with a simple introduction and getting to more complex development stages with milestones, would be ideal.

With that in mind, I set out to write two volumes of what I call “Plan Your Internet Success!” that contain the basic information to set up a business online in Volume 1, along with another manuscript (Volume 2) in the form of a work-book to solve their own their own, and often unique, situation, and make their business profitable.

The result of this undertaking is what I offer in the following pages, and that represents the first installment of the two-volume series.

This e-book is FREE to use (feels good writing that) for anyone who downloads it, but under absolutely no circumstances is it for sale by anyone. And to eliminate any possibility that this document could be used for profit, I decided to make it available in PDF form and restrict its use to one person per copy. If you want to share this document with someone else, there is not much I can do about it but I will not provide any support. Instead, I would rather you send it to those whom you think may be interested to the registration link and let them download it themselves.

The Web page to do this is “” and the registration is very basic.


Plan Your Internet Success! Volume 1 establishes the basic steps that any Internet entrepreneur must take to ensure that his or her vision will succeed. The idea behind this plan also is to make this manuscript a “living document”, and as new steps, ideas, and resources are added, to send them in the form of updates to all registered users (that is also why it is critical for you to download this manuscript individually and not pass it on or share it).

Furthermore, this manuscript is divided in parts and sections, with each section serving as a continuation of the previous one and each part constituting a new topic. Furthermore, each section explains specific steps that are needed and explores the area of business discussed, along with resources that will help the user search for applications and solutions that are of direct use to them.

Finally, this volume is designed to help most anyone start an online business. It covers basic information, like finding a vertical where you want to be, to creating a Web site/business to launching your business. It will explore various opportunities for promoting and advertising your business, and explain how to put it all together to create the right conditions for your business to generate revenues.

Content of the Manuscript

Overview of the Manuscript and Organization

1. Find a Niche or Area of Business Where an Opportunity Exists
2. Search for Keywords
3. Research your Competition and Learn
4. Pass your First Test
5. Choose your Domain Name
6. Design and Create a Web Site
7. Content for Web Sites
8. Select an ISP
9. Optimize your Web Site
10. Press Releases
11. How to Use Social Media
12. How to Use eZines and Blogs
13. Paid and Free Listings
14. Advertising and AdWords
14A. Complement for AdWords – Critical Notes
15. Classified Ads
16. Banner Ads
17. Links Exchange
18. FFAs
19. How to Put it All Together
20. Create Affiliate Accounts
21. The Beauty and Pitfalls of Arbitrage
22. The Search for Advertisers and Higher Payout
22. Lead Generation
Additional Resources
Congratulations – You’ve Finished! What’s Next?

This manuscript, will also be available on my site at

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