Plan Your Internet Success – Part 10: Write a Press Release and Distribute

10. Write a Press Release and Distribute

As a matter of principle, I believe that you simply cannot launch a business or Web site– let alone both — without broadcasting it as loud as possible. One of the best ways to do this is via press releases.

A press release packs tremendous power in the age of super-fast communication and the Internet, since it crosses the boundaries of traditional and new media very “naturally.”  Press release teasers and story clips are the umbilical cord of many news organizations that are understaffed and depend upon information from the outside world.

However, the sheer number of press releases and teasers that are distributed daily makes it imperative to have something that stands out and catches the readers’ attention.  After all, this job is given to junior members or trainees who are asked to scan hundreds of submissions and have a limited time to do this.

As a result, when writing (or contracting for the writing of) a press release, you must keep in mind that you have very little time to capture your reader’s imagination.  I estimate that you have the attention of the reader for the length of the subject line, and if you have a great subject line, one or two sentences past that.

No matter what, you must write one or more press releases about your site, as well as what I call teasers, or short announcements that highlight everything that is great about your site, your product, and your business, in a very concise way. The press release itself will be longer with more details, a few quotes, etc. My approach is to send the teaser first and then send the press release. This is a trick of the trade that I learned in testing some different approaches, and it works well if done properly and within the right time frame.

Regardless, a press release should have detailed information on your product, any aspects of your business and anything that could be interesting to a reader.  Above all, the writing should be sharp and entertaining.

Finally, make sure that you have a link to your Web site on the press release. It should mention the name of your business, and also include your URL and a link to your home page.

Press releases are submitted via organizations such as PRWeb but, more importantly, they should be distributed to the media (newspaper, magazines, radio, TV, Internet, etc.) directly. This is, after all, the objective of press release beyond “silly” reasons, such as SEO.

Finally, post your press release on your Web site and link it to your index page or prominent page via a “press” or “in the news” button.


If there is only one thing that you do after launching a Web site, it sould be the publishing of a press release across the Internet and directly to newspapers and magazines that specialize in your space.

While there are no guarantees that it will pay off, this is by far the most effective and inexpensive way to get noticed.

As usual if you are impatient and want to download the full manuscript you can do that at

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