Plan Your Internet Success – Part 11: Social Media

11. Social Media

Social media and social bookmarking are relatively new phenomenon and are both very exciting ways in which to market yourself, your product or service, as well as your Web site. And while this is very hard to control and ignite, when people notice what you are offering and start sharing, social networks can work miracles.

To be successful in social media, spend a good amount of time writing, updating and maintaining your blogs and articles. I believe that you can almost never overdo it in social media and the most successful people (the ones who are noted the most) are prolific writers and spend a good deal of time doing this every day.

There is nothing that you cannot share, including things such as bookmarks that you like, ideas for cooking, dancing, having fun, getting deals, etc. Simply try to use whatever you come across in the context of your business without over doing it.  People can see through disingenuous offers.

Resources: Social Media

Resources: Social Bookmarking

Additional Resources: Social Media Profiles

Make sure that you mention your site and give anecdotes, updates or write about events, news, new articles (see Write Articles for eZines and Blogs, below) every time you have the opportunity to do that.

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