Plan Your Internet Success: Part 15-18 – Classified, Banner and Link Exchange, FFAs

15. Classified Ads

For selling products or services to people, classified ads are a possible channel; however, do not expect tremendous traction unless it is highly specialized. What the classifieds may be good for is to target very regional audiences as well as help you with your own natural position in search engines.


16. Banner Exchange

There are many places that offer banner exchange and the rules vary. Regardless, there is nothing great to be expected from banner exchange but free exposure is free exposure.

There are only two rules that I would follow:

1 Do not waste your time exchanging banners with a site that has dozens of pages dedicated to banners buried deep inside the site. Most people don’t intentionally go to a page to look for banners (and crawlers do not go past two or three levels as explained later). The only possible exception is for a banner page that has a high ranking, in which case it falls more into the link exchange category.

2 Always include a call for action on a banner. For example, “Click Here,” Click to Visit,” “Click Here for Great Deals on…,” etc. Finally, the prettier the banner, the more people thinks it’s an image and do not think of clicking on it, so be careful.


I do not have any resources on this one and suggest that you do a search on Google and see what is available.

17. Link Exchange

The same as what I explained in “banner exchange” applies here. The only difference is that I suggest that you link with Web sites that offer something complementing your offer. In other words do not link simply for the sake of linking no matter the PR of the other site. Link with sites that complement what you have to offer.

Finally, be aware that most crawlers are set to go no more than two or three levels down on any Web site. So if the link you are offered is on level four or five of another site, your chances of benefitting from the exposure is low regardless of the PR (home page PR is PR for that page and not necessarily for the Web site as a hole).


There are some decent link programs that can help you find other Web sites and link with them relatively easily. The following are a few good ones that I suggest you investigate:

18. Other Options – FFAs

FFA was a great way to get some (and I mean “some”) traffic and, more importantly, backlinks for very little investment in time and money. However, search engines started penalizing links in FFA and this trend died a quiet death.

That being said, it’s another of those marketing tools that died, but not completely, and something that maybe worth looking into, for those of you who have a solid stomach and if you have the time and patience to do it.
There are two ways to deal with FFA

• FFA Posting: Very poor results. I’d say a waste of time, but if you have the time, why not?
• FFA Hosting: A bit more hope of getting visitors, but watch out for complaints from e-mail that you send and that will be regarded as spam even if these people have agreed to receive it.

By the way, here’s a quote I saw on a Web site that I think sums it all up: “FFA hosting and posting is a war zone. No doubt about it. But if you know how to play the game on both ends, you can win the war.”


Next we’ll be looking at Affiliate Marketing a very poorly understood segment of the business that is also known as “Commission Based Marketing”

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