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Social Media Article from CNET

Social media is finally about the media

What does the maelstrom of hype around the launch of Apple’s tablet device have in common with Google’s announcement that select Sundance Film Festival titles will be available for rent on YouTube, or Digg founder Kevin Rose’s comments to the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper that the social news site he founded has “drastic” changes ahead?

A lot, actually. They’re all signs that for the first time since the social media craze started to explode a few years ago, the emphasis is finally on “media.”

Thank goodness: we’d had enough time marveling over the sometimes-groundbreaking (real-time, searchable tweets coming out of crisis areas), sometimes-banal (two words: sheep-throwing) ways that we could now communicate with one another and broadcast our lives on the Web. There have been more than enough breathless news reports about exactly how Ashton Kutcher has used Twitter to transform his image from meathead comic actor to aspiring new-media mogul. We now all know that Facebook profiles can get you fired, that most celebrities sound even more banal on Twitter than in red-carpet interviews, and that YouTube is great for finding videos of unruly pets and instant-messaging them to your friends when it’s a really boring day at the office. — Read Full Story on CNET

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Plan Your Internet Success – Part 11: Social Media

11. Social Media

Social media and social bookmarking are relatively new phenomenon and are both very exciting ways in which to market yourself, your product or service, as well as your Web site. And while this is very hard to control and ignite, when people notice what you are offering and start sharing, social networks can work miracles.

To be successful in social media, spend a good amount of time writing, updating and maintaining your blogs and articles. I believe that you can almost never overdo it in social media and the most successful people (the ones who are noted the most) are prolific writers and spend a good deal of time doing this every day.

There is nothing that you cannot share, including things such as bookmarks that you like, ideas for cooking, dancing, having fun, getting deals, etc. Simply try to use whatever you come across in the context of your business without over doing it.  People can see through disingenuous offers.

Resources: Social Media

Resources: Social Bookmarking

Additional Resources: Social Media Profiles

Make sure that you mention your site and give anecdotes, updates or write about events, news, new articles (see Write Articles for eZines and Blogs, below) every time you have the opportunity to do that.

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comScore Reports Global Search Market Growth of 46 Percent in 2009

Google Sites Accounts for Two-Thirds of 131 Billion Searches Conducted Worldwide in December while Introduction of Bing Helps Microsoft Post Significant Gains During the Year

Reston, VA, January 22, 2010 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released a study on growth in the global search market in 2009. The study revealed that the U.S. remains the largest search market worldwide, while Google Sites retains a commanding position in the global search market… Read more at