Plan Your Internet Success – Part 19: Put It Together

19. Put It Together

By now (and if you followed the steps that I explained in parts one through four), one of two things may be happening for you:

1) You understand the overall concept and are ready to dive in and explore the infinite possibilities that marketing on the Internet offer.


2) You are somewhat overwhelmed or intimidated by the information and the options that are available and are unsure about how to proceed.

If you fall in category 1) read on as we now enter a new level of marketing on the Internet, and explore how to turn an idea into a really successful business by utilizing all the levers available to you.

If, on the other hand, you fall into category 2) do not despair, the Internet can be overwhelming to most anyone, including people who, like myself, have done it for years. I suggest that you re-read the high points in the previous pages and limit yourself to a couple of resources to simplify managing the information that you need to absorb.

The objective of this first volume on Internet success is to give a Net entrepreneur enough information to get started and put you in a place that will ensure that you avoid obvious mistakes and, hope, prepare you to succeed.

If you are afraid of screwing up something, don’t worry… you will, as I have done and most Internet entrepreneurs do, no matter how good or experienced they they are.

There are too many channels, too many verticals, too many variables and too many options for anyone to be able to keep on top of it all. The objective with this manuscript is to provide you with enough information and know-how to minimize the damages when you will screw up (and you will).

However, for those of you who fall into category 1 (and 2 for that matter), by now you should have:

1) A good domain name and a Web site that has good content and that is optimized.

2) These elements should reside on a server at one of the ISPs that provides reliable service at a decent price.

3) You should have created a press release and articles and all of them should be posted at various specialized Web sites and broadcasted via your accounts on social networks, where you have connected with friends and relatives (and anyone else for that matter).

4) You should be familiar with Google AdWords and have experimented with some keyword bids. You should understand bids for search vs. content and managed content vs. automated content. Your curiosity has probably made you explore the concept of broad, exact and phrase matches for keywords. If you’ve gone ahead and bid quite a bit, you may have seen the option to do some CPA. Be very careful…

When you have done all the above, you should be ready for the next chapter, and equipped to continue your voyage in the depth of success.

Our first venture in being truly successful will start with affiliate marketing and how to explore and make the most of it.

To read the complete manuscript go to my website and follow the links to downloading “Plan Your Internet Success”

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