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Google Preview Tool – What Impact will it have?

Earlier this week, Google introduced Google Instant Previews. Scrolling over a listing gives you a glimpse of what comes after the click, meaning more transparency for users and fewer clicks for Google… Read the article by Kevin Ryan on AdAge at and let me know what you think by posting a comment on my blog.

Let’s talk about sending emails to your subscribers!

Do you outsource or use your own solution? There are some great software options and the one I like is Dada Mail… Don’t be fooled by its name… If you are trying to reach less than 50,000 customers or clients on a weekly or monthly basis then you may want to investigate some of the solutions available out there. For example, I personally use Dada Mail, an email solution that is set-up on one of my server and I send 30-50,000 email monthly with relative ease. The system is html based and newsletters and ads are as easy as a copy and paste to set up and a click away from sending with automated opt-out and list management. Send me an email or call me at 415-670-9397 if you are interested and I’ll connect you with Justin at Dada.

10 Simple Tips for Facebook and Twitter Success

10 simple tips for Facebook and Twitter success: There’s no denying the importance of social media. You get it. Your team gets it. The question is, do your customers care to get it, or are they tired of being asked to “like” everyone and everything they meet? The big problem nowadays, with endless tweets, friends, pages, profiles, and tags — is how to engage desired audiences in such a way that your brand is perceived as relevant… Read this and other news on my Newsletter at

Google Introduces ProtoRPC

Here is something else you will find in my May Newsletter – Google Introduces ProtoRPC , a new tool for creating simple Python services, which requires minimal set up and configuration to create new services… read it all at

3 in 10 Consumers Make Mobile purchase

3 in 10 Consumers Make Mobile Purchases… Marketing on mobile appliances if evolving at warp speed so don’t miss out!
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