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Another “How To” About Lead Gen that Keep the Most Important Question Out!

I just reviewed the latest edition of “Website Magazine” and noted that they had what appeared to be a promising article on “Lead Gen” but realized very quickly that this was, yet again, an article about the basic of “What Is” but skipped the most important question “How to get Traffic to Convert Users Into Leads and Customers”.

The real secret of Lead Gen is not how wonderful you landing page should be or how easy it should be for a visitor to register. These are an absolute minimum requirement to the success of any Lead Gen campaign an d they are key. However the real success of a lead gen campaign is how to acquire traffic at a cost that enables the advertiser to make have a viable business.

This, in my view is the real secret of generating lead gen and the rest including improving landing page design, A B testing, optimization, etc. will follow. After all no matter how great your page look and how wonderful the product or service you offer may be, without traffic you will never be known.

We have tried to address this problem with our platform OnwardClick ( and we think that we’ve come up with the answer on how to gauge the value of a lead relative to our cost of traffic acquisition, and so far we seem to be right on the money.

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Here is the link to the article on “Website Magazine”:

EnContext Media May Newsletter

Gathering the best information and updates from the online industry to deliver the most effective news and analysis on events and technology!

Message from Jean Touboul: With over a decade of hands on experience building e-commerce and online ventures from the ground up, and having been blessed to be part of amazing success stories with Disney, Warner, Commission Junction, EnContext (formerly ExecFocus.Net), I believe that I can share some insight that will benefit almost any Internet entrepreneur. The goal of this newsletter is to gather what I think are critical development and changes in the industry that will make a difference in our business. When appropriate I will also distil some of this news and add comments or my own perspective. I am also including a list of important events that I think may help shaping this industry, and that I believe deserve our attention. My ultimate goal is to find the best and most recent news on marketing and optimization, web design as well as technology that are changing our business and, in the spirit of what the Internet is all about, share it. To read my profile on LinkedIn click here

Bad Process Kills Good Analytics
(From ClickZ Article Article)
In many cases, organizations are still struggling to get the return on investment in their digital analytics that they were originally hoping for or could reasonably expect. Ten years on from when Web analytics started to go mainstream, why is that still the case? If we look at the possible reasons, they tend to lie in the “triumvirate” of technology, people, and processes… Click here to read the complete story

Video for ‘Net Success – Marketing & Measurement
(From Website Magazine)
The first two parts of our Small Business Lab on Web video provided insights into the research, planning, development and production processes involved in launching a successful online video campaign. In this, the third and final installment, we will address the different methods for marketing your videos and measuring their impact on the overall goals of your business… Click here to read the complete story

Search Marketing: The importance of an SEO Process
(From Marketing Sherpa)
I know those three buzz letters in the headline – S, E, and O – likely grabbed your attention and are the reason you’re reading this blog post. But I want to tell you why you should focus more on the last, and perhaps least buzzy, word in that headline – process. First of all, put a mirror up to your current search-engine optimization activities for just a moment and ask yourself… Click here to read the complete story

3 in 10 Consumers Make Mobile Purchases
(From Marketing Charts)
Three in 10 (29%) US consumers have made at least one purchase via mobile device, according to [pdf] a new white paper from Oracle and ATG. Data from “Mobile Trends: Consumer Views of Mobile Shopping and Mobile Service Providers” indicates this figure, recorded in December 2010, is 123% more than the 13% of consumers who had made a mobile purchase in November 2009… Click here to read the complete story

10 simple tips for Facebook and Twitter success
(From iMedia Connection)
There’s no denying the importance of social media. You get it. Your team gets it. The question is, do your customers care to get it, or are they tired of being asked to “like” everyone and everything they meet? The big problem nowadays, with endless tweets, friends, pages, profiles, and tags — is how to engage desired audiences in such a way that your brand is perceived as relevant… Click here to read the complete story

More Targeting and Optimization Capabilities from EnContext Advertising
EnContext Advertising is now offering much better targeting and analysis resulting from clicks on embedded links on videos. As before the system offer great flexibility for a viewer. Imagine watching a video that shows someone wearing a really cool pair of shoes. Point and click on the shoes and instantly a browser opens offering the opportunity to buy these shoes! Click here to read more and view the demo!

More Traffic and New Development Services from eFocus Marketing
Besides offering online marketing services including overall strategy, SEO and SEM, Affiliate management and other online services, eFocus Marketing ( is now offering high volume of traffic at a much lower cost thanks to our relationship with high caliber networks. We are also providing php, .NET programming as well as MySQL management and optimization. Click here to visit the website and contact us!

New California Wine Venue and Lead Gen. Opportunities from My California Winery
Following the success of My California Winery (, EnContext Media is launching Buy California Wine ( The initial website inspires itself directly and greatly from My California Winery but it is set to become a vehicle for offering a greater line of California wines. As a result My California Winery will offer greater resources on the wineries of California. Click here to visit the website today!

eMail resources!
Do you know that you can have your own email solution in-house? If you are trying to reach less than 50,000 customers or clients on a weekly or monthly basis then you may want to investigate some of the solutions available out there. For example, I personally use Dada Mail, an email solution that is set-up on one of my server and I send 30-50,000 email monthly with relative ease. The system is HTML based and newsletters and ads are as easy as a copy and paste to set up and a click away from sending with automated opt-out and list management. Send me an email at jeantouboul(at) or call me at 415-670-9397 if you are interested and I’ll connect you with Justin at Dada.

Google Introduces ProtoRPC!
Here on the App Engine team, we’re always looking for new ways to make it easier for developers to build applications and services. Today, I’m happy to introduce ProtoRPC, a new tool for creating simple Python services, which requires minimal set up and configuration to create new services… Click here to read the complete announcement

Six Must Know Oracle Commands!
(From DevShed)
Currently, only Oracle Database 10G Express – otherwise known as Oracle 10G XE – can be used freely by developers. If you do not have an Oracle installation on your computer, then you should install Oracle database 10G Express so that you can follow along and practice these commands… Click here to read the complete article

iGaming North America
Starts: Monday May 02, 2011, 05:00PM PDT
Ends: Wednesday May 04, 2011, 05:00PM PDT
Event Type: Conference
Location: Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV US

The 2011 Conference program will provide education and training to prospective participants in the regulated US and Canadian Internet gaming market. Attendees will acquire a road-map and the tools necessary to get from Point A (regulatory approval) to Point B (launch) with a firm handle on their capital, staffing, marketing and operational needs. To visit the conference website and register click here

Internet Marketing Essentials
Starts: Wednesday May 04, 2011, 06:00PM CDT
Ends: Wednesday May 04, 2011, 09:00PM CDT
Event Type: Training/Seminar
Location: University of St. Thomas Minneapolis Campus, 1000 Lasalle Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403 US

Learn to maximize your presence on the internet with a variety of media. Through hands-on training using powerful yet practical tools, you will learn to drive traffic to your website, increase conversion rates, and strengthen your email campaigns. To visit the conference website and register click here

Confab 2011: The Content Strategy Conference
Starts: Monday May 09, 2011, 08:00AM CDT
Ends: Wednesday May 11, 2011, 05:00PM CDT
Event Type: Conference
Location: Minneapolis Downtown Hyatt, 1300 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403 US

Whether you’re a content strategy convert or curious about where to start, there are plenty of sessions you won’t want to miss. You’ll walk away from Confab full of ideas and opportunities for both your company and your career. To visit the conference website and register click here

Internet World 2011
Starts: Tuesday May 10, 2011, 08:00AM BST
Ends: Thursday May 12, 2011, 05:00PM BST
Event Type: Tradeshow/Convention
Location: Earls Court, London, GREATER LONDON GB

Attracting the biggest gathering of its type in Europe – over 12,000 business professionals – it’s the only place to be for ensuring your business is up-to-speed with all things digital. To visit the conference website and register click here

Click 2011
Starts: Thursday April 14, 2011, 08:00AM EDT
Ends: Friday April 15, 2011, 05:00PM EDT
Event Type: Conference
Location: The Westin Charlotte
601 S College St., Charlotte, NC 28202 US

Getting more customers to ‘click’ with your brand is the primary goal — and daily challenge — of all digital marketers. We all need new and better ideas, resources and support to enable that goal.

Click 2011 is designed to tackle these issues head-on. It’s you and your peers brainstorming about acquisition marketing, retention marketing, A/B testing and web analytics. You’ll leave Click with renewed focus and a fresh, strategic perspective. To visit the website and register click here

Affiliate Marketing

Starts: Tuesday May 10, 2011, 09:30AM PDT
Ends: Tuesday May 10, 2011, 04:30PM PDT
Event Type: Training/Seminar
Location: Econsultancy
91-93 Farringdon Road, London, GREATER LONDON EC1M 3LN GB

A well-managed affiliate program can play a key role in marketing strategies and can offer double-digit increases in sales. However, affiliate marketing, using one website to drive traffic to another, is frequently overlooked by advertisers because although the principles are straightforward putting them into practice can present challenges.

This course will outline the strategies, techniques and tricks to achieve an effective level of contribution and offer tips on refining your skills. To visit the website and register click here

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